Note:  Lot 7 is still available 

A comfortable retirement neighborhood with assorted sizes of wooded lots to meet your needs. Conveniently located just 5 minutes from downtown and East Texas Medical Center.  Within walking distance of Cain Center.
Custom Homes offered by Johnny Ballow Homes All homes will be built with emergency efficiency in mind. We will be using the most efficient products available. 1.   High Efficiency Heat Pump systems.    2.   On Demand natural gas water heaters. 3.  Foil Backed roof sheeting which will help reduce attic heat by 50% 4.  Vinyl Windows which have been proven to be the most efficient window type on the market. By incorporating these products into our homes our customers will get the best return for their money spent. All these items help to reduce the cost of heating & cooling which is paramount with today's high electrical costs.